Different form, type or former use of aluminum requires a distinct effort to process it. This fact influences the diversity and distribution of aluminum scrap. Such efforts and energy determines aluminum secondary raw material price and liquidity in the market. Almost all used aluminum can be recycled.

Used Beverage Cans UBC or loose is one of the most recyclable aluminum scrap groups. The scrap is valuable if it is sufficiently pure and unaffected by corrosion. All cans must be pressed separately. Afterwards it can be pressed into bundles or shredded.

Scrap Auto Transmissions, Scrap Aluminum Auto Wheels, Aluminum Auto Radiator Scrap are all aluminum scrap to be collected from the automotive industry. It should be the clean from the other types of metals and other materials. The automotive industry is one of reinserting the largest amount of used aluminum for recycling.

Remelt Aluminum Ingot and Sows. This aluminum scrap has undergone the final stage of processing - melted. Aluminum Wire Cable and Scrap is one with a higher value of aluminum scrap group, as it is usually clean and not polluted.

Clean Painted Aluminum Scrap most usually is aluminum, used in building facades. Must be free of insulation. Aluminum Foil is liquid scrap if it is clean of materials, which usually accumulate on the foil in its use. Irony Aluminum Scrap. Liquidity and value are especially dependent on the level of iron contamination. Aluminum Dross is a scrap, which convenes in manufacturing various products of aluminum. Utensil Aluminum Scrap is aluminum, used in the food industry.