Through twenty years of operation, COSMA HOLDING GMBH has gained tremendous experience in the secondary metal raw materials in Europe, Russia and CIS countries, Southeast Asia and at the same time has become one of the biggest market players in the Baltic countries.

Metal secondary raw materials processing, storage and loading terminal is located in the area of port in Klaipeda and have direct access to the ship loading berth. Railway siding is also extending to the area. Consequently company has the opportunity to organize and develop its logistics operations in all major modes of transport – road, rail and water. Company base is equipped with modern cargo handling, storage, compression and other equipment needed for processing, sorting and preparing shipments of various types and forms of metal recyclables. Terminal storage capacity is up to 10 thousand tons of scrap metal. Professionally equipped laboratory empowers quick and very accurate probation of chemical composition and pollution of various metals. Terminal staff consistently, professionally, accurately and quickly collects, analyzes, sorts, processes, prepares and loads different secondary metal raw materials which are then submitted for processing in factories all around the world.

COSMA HOLDING GMBH is constantly looking for global trading partners, which could supply large quantities of various metals recyclables.

COSMA HOLDING GMBH closely cooperates with logistics and international cargo companies and is constantly looking for carriers that can transport goods from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyztan, Russia, Belarus, Iran to Lithuania, also from Lithuania to Western EU countries.